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A Traitor Delegation

Angelika Balabanova. 1917



From A. Beaumont

MILAN, Sunday.
The railway station of Zurich www yesterday the rendezvous for the departure of 280 Russian agitators, including the notorious woman leader, Angelica Balabanoff (Анжелика Балабанова). They are traveling under German patronage, as did the thirty-two members of the Lenin delegation, and were seen off by members of the German Consulates in Switzerland, and information agents whose faces are too well-known to escape recognition. The train conveyed them to Schaffhausen, and there are given another cordial welcome by the German functionaries, who placed a special train at there service to convey them through German territory on their way to Russia. It is understood that they are to carry out a mission which has full approval and encouragement of the German Government. Their message is:

  1. That Germany, which has the fullest confidence in new, free Russia, which has promised freedom to all nationalities under Russian sway, is prepared to offer peace to the Russian people without interfering with its internal affairs.
  2. The German Government repeats its offer of Dec. 12 to enter into peace negotiations on the conditions therein declared
  3. The German Government is assured of having the support of the great majority of the Reichstag in making these offers.
  4. Germany is not opposed, once these peace conditions are accepted, to enter into international agreements or a convention of nations to assure the future peace of the world.

With such rubbish as this the new Russian delegation start on their mission of treason. Their departure was prepared by the Russian revolutionary Socialist Platten, whose German name alone betrays his origin and sympathies, and who formed part of the delegation of Lenin, but was not permitted to enter Russian territory.  He accompanied Lenin last month as far as Tornea, and there he was turned back.  The German Government permitted him again to travel freely through Germany to Switzerland, and at Zurich Platten became busy encouraging Russian political refugees, former police agents, spies, revolutionists and alleged Socialists to accept the Geman offer of free transport.  A motley deputation of 280 members, all traveling under the red banner, was this collected.


Daily Telegraph, Sunday, May 15, 1917

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