Tuesday December 11th 2018

Message At Magazine for Mini Models Makes Mayhem At Model Mayhem

Bella Petite July 2010 magazine coverr Model Mayhem model Angela G Philips caused quite a stir on the modeling website by authoring a scathing report about the goings on in the Model Mayhem community. The article was published on 5th October 2010 by Bella Petite, a fashion and lifestyle magazine whose target audience is petite women.

In the article, Philips writes about “internet scam websites praying on hopeful models and actresses.” The article focuses on Model Mayhem as “one of the most misleading model-oriented websites” and states that they are an example of the “worst kind of site.”

One of Philips biggest complaints about Model Mayhem is that they don’t allow casting directors, publishers or talent agents to join, the very people a model would want to see their modeling portfolio.

The article goes on to quote Peter Baratti, a 30-year veteran fashion photographer, “Model Mayhem is a known dating website and is a sexual predators dream to entice women to take their clothes off, all in the pursuit of becoming a model.” Baratti is listed on the magazine’s masthead as lead fashion photographer for Bella Petite magazine.

So what do our dear readers think? Has Model Mayhem been given a fair shake? Read the article titled MODEL MAYHEM FOR THE MODEL “EGO”

The model mayhem forums were abuzz when they learned of the article. Here is a thead title Did you know Model Mayhem was a scam? where you can follow the discussion.

Model Mayhem has Alexa rank #1,033 and Bella Petite has Alexa rank #1,097,431.

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