Friday July 25th 2014

News & Views

Madame Caillaux trial begins in Paris

The French public is riveted by this murder trial. [Read More]

Summer Fun: Water War in Odessa

Teenagers blow off some steam and cool down in Odessa. [Read More]





Music & Sound

W.A. Mozart: Se vuol ballare, Signor Contino

Figaro resolves to teach the plotting Count a lesson. [Read More]

Fashion Pictorials

Best of Ukraine: Inna

Beautiful Kiev fashion model Inna. [Read More]

Best of Ukraine: Anya

Ukrainian fashion model out in nature. [Read More]

Lucie: Apple Basket

Red flower print summer dress in southern California. [Read More]

Bikini Pictorials

Anya: Ukrainian Bikini Model

Stunning model from the biggest country in Eastern Europe. [Read More]

Laguna Surfer Girl

This surfer gal is keeping it real. [Read More]

Stock Market Risk

as of close Monday, 31-Dec-2013
Volatility VIX VIXAVG=19.04 LOW 13.72
Valuation CAPE CAPEAVG=16.42 HIGH 26.40
Momentum Index/200SMA GUARDED 1.10
Probability of Bear Market LOW 20%
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