Wednesday July 29th 2015

Historical News

Turkey Enters War

The Central Powers new ally. [Read More]

The Fall of Namur

The second Belgian fortress is done. The Germans advance. [Read More]

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: FIRST PITCHED BATTLE ON–200,000 ENGAGED

The fighting in Belgium, why Germany went to war and Japan in the Pacific. [Read More]





Tech Talk

Is Dress White-Gold or Blue-Black?

The mystery is solved once and for all. [Read More]

Travel Blogs

Day Train from Chisinau to Odessa

Through mysterious Transdniestria to Ukraine. [Read More]

Overnight Train from Bucharest to Chisinau

The historical region of Bessarabia, and former Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova. [Read More]

CFR Train from Sinaia to Bucharest

From mountains to metropolis. [Read More]

News & Views

Bullying and Shaming in the New Media

Tried and convicted in the court of public opinion on fourth-hand hearsay evidence. [Read More]

Money & Investing

Investing Returns for 2014

U.S. stocks won in 2014. [Read More]

Two Centuries of Business Cycles and Real GDP

A look at how the U.S. economy grew over two centuries. [Read More]

Evaluating Stock Market Forecasting Models

A blueprint for evaluating stock market forecasting models. [Read More]

Stock Market Risk

as of close Monday, 31-Dec-2013
Volatility VIX VIXAVG=19.04 LOW 13.72
Valuation CAPE CAPEAVG=16.42 HIGH 26.40
Momentum Index/200SMA GUARDED 1.10
Probability of Bear Market LOW 20%
See See Stock Market Advisory System

Music & Sound

Rolling Stones: No Satisfaction

Rolling Stones: No Satisfaction

First number one hit record in U.S. for the Rolling Stones. [Read More]

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River

Bayou sound of John Fogerty and CCR. [Read More]

Rolling Stones: Dead Flowers

Rolling Stones: Dead Flowers

Photos courtesy of Standard Travel Fotos Today’s youtube is Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones. Dead Flowers is on [Read More]