Saturday April 19th 2014

Travel Blogs

Norwegian Air from JFK to Oslo

Traveling to northern Europe in the winter [Read More]

Air Berlin from Stockholm to Berlin Tegel

Flying is the fastest way to get back to the continent. [Read More]

Ferry: Helsinki to Stockholm

An excursion from Finland to Sweden by boat. [Read More]





Tech Talk

What is this Morning Star?

Bright object in the sky over the Norwegian Sea. [Read More]

News & Views

Announcing: LBB World Report

News ticker for the 21st Century. [Read More]

The Crimean War (1853-1856)

France, Britain and the Ottoman Empire defeat Russia in Crimea. [Read More]

Niall Ferguson’s The War of the World

Controversial historian Niall Ferguson's BBC documentary about past the 100 years of [Read More]

Career Development

MOOC: The Finance of Retirement and Pensions

Online course through NovoEd about funding retirement. [Read More]

Money & Investing

Why Valuations Forecast Returns

The more you pay, the lower your return. [Read More]

100 Years of Inflation

A look at the change in consumer prices over the past century. [Read More]

Investing Returns for 2013

Equity risk was rewarded in 2013. Term risk showed up for bond investors. [Read More]

Stock Market Risk

as of close Monday, 31-Dec-2013
Volatility VIX VIXAVG=19.04 LOW 13.72
Valuation CAPE CAPEAVG=16.42 HIGH 26.40
Momentum Index/200SMA GUARDED 1.10
Probability of Bear Market LOW 20%
See See Stock Market Advisory System