Friday August 22nd 2014





Tech Talk

What is this Morning Star?

Bright object in the sky over the Norwegian Sea. [Read More]

Travel Blogs

Overnight Train from Bucharest to Chisinau

The historical region of Bessarabia, and former Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova. [Read More]

CFR Train from Sinaia to Bucharest

From mountains to metropolis. [Read More]

CFR Train from Brasov to Sinaii

Onward to the royal city of Romania. [Read More]

Photo Pictorials

Anya: Ukrainian Bikini Model

Stunning model from the biggest country in Eastern Europe. [Read More]

Best of Ukraine: Inna

Beautiful Kiev fashion model Inna. [Read More]

Best of Ukraine: Anya

Ukrainian fashion model out in nature. [Read More]

Stock Market Risk

as of close Monday, 31-Dec-2013
Volatility VIX VIXAVG=19.04 LOW 13.72
Valuation CAPE CAPEAVG=16.42 HIGH 26.40
Momentum Index/200SMA GUARDED 1.10
Probability of Bear Market LOW 20%
See See Stock Market Advisory System